Intensities, 2016

Single Channel HD video with Sound.
Duration: 10:21 mins

Intensities examines the pure potential that lies in a still moment.  Stillness that invites us to decelerate amid constant movement and activity necessitated by our techno-capitalist and consumerist lifestyles. Bringing attention to hundreds of micro-skeletal movements the body makes while it tries to find balance, the work builds upon the questions such as how do we resist over a long period of time? How do we create a space to rise and re-imagine the futures we want to live in?

This work was part of the Art + Process + Ideas (A+P+I) residency program at the Mills College Art Museum.


Choreography: Surabhi Saraf & all the dancers.
Director of Photography: Jeremiah Barber
Casting and Choreographic Advice: Shinichi Iova-Koga
Lighting: Jeremiah Barber
Costume: Tiare Ribeaux & Surabhi Saraf
Video Editing: Surabhi Saraf & Jeremiah Barber
Sound Editing and Composition: Surabhi Saraf & Shane Myrbeck
Production Assistant: Jess Smith & Leila Weefur


Dana Iova-koga
Sophia Klein
Amara Tabor-Smith
Byb Chanel BIBENE
Yukihiko Noda
Nadia Oka
Spencer Pulu
Javier Fresquez
Emeline Le Thiec
Joyce Kushner