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REMEDIES: Tablets, 2014 REMEDIES: Tablets, 2014 REMEDIES: Tablets, 2014 REMEDIES: Tablets, 2014 REMEDIES: Tablets, 2014 REMEDIES: Tablets, 2014

REMEDIES: Tablets, 2014

Tablets is the first of the three part video series called Remedies. 

Remedies is inspired by the artist’s family’s pharmaceutical factory in Indore, India, where seventy people, using quasi-archaic machinery, produce tablets, capsules and syrups. The first two works in Saraf’s series reflect on the production of the tablets and the capsules in separate installations, each involving a central video projection and video box sculptures. The video projection features performers enacting a choreographed sequence that echoes the repetitive motions of the equipment and the factory workers. The video boxes present close-up, abstracted footage of the manufacturing process. Combining these elements with re-mixed soundtracks of the  factory equipment, Saraf creates rhythmic, multi-layered structures of evolving visual and sonic patterns. The repetition of actions and sounds generates mesmerizing environments that are both serene and surreal, drawing parallels between medicine and meditation as healing experiences.



Choreography: Christy Funsch & Surabhi Saraf

Director of Photography: Yoni Goldstein

Editing: Surabhi Saraf & Jeremiah Barber

Sound Recording: Siddharth Saraf

Sound Editing & Composition: Surabhi Saraf, Shane Myrbeck  & Emily Shisko

Lighting Designer: Philip Matarrese

Dolly grip: Hart Perez & Devon Perez

Production Assistant: Jonathan, Sebastian Alvarez, Diwaker Gupta

Video Box design: Dana Hemenway

Video Box production: Conrad Meyers

Custom Hardware & Software: Diwaker Gupta



Frances Cachapero

Erin Mei-Ling Stuart

Danielle Lottridge

Emeline Le Thiec

Denee Deckert

Martha Coates

Cristina Victor

Nol Simonse

Terrence Paschal

Javier Fresquez

Ramses Mariscol

Celine Parker

Spencer Pulu

Christy Funsch

Sebastian Alvarez


Special thanks to all the workers at Wilcure Remedies.