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Oscillations, 2012 Oscillations, 2012 Oscillations, 2012 Oscillations, 2012 Oscillations, 2012 Oscillations, 2012

Oscillations, 2012

Oscillations [Installation]
Medium: Wood, electric fans, lights, speakers, mac mini, custom software
Duration: 3 mintues
Collaborator: Sebastian Alvarez
Programmer: Conner Lacy

Artist Statement about this project:

Oscillations is a two part project involving an installation and a live performance (Oscillations // LIVE). Initially envisioning this piece as a performance, for the installation iteration we experiment by relinquishing our control as performers to these mechanical devices.

Composing the performance for a large audience, we found ourselves progressively invested in the additional desire to provide an experience which could exist independently of our physical presence. The effort, which began as a means of responding to the circumstances of the static gallery environment, became similarly important to us as a way of emphasizing the uncanny in our artificial vs. real experiences felt today.

Exploring the presence and absence of the performer, for the installation version the machines act as the performers, while in the LIVE version, the “real” performers will be present.

We have designed this piece to be single person experience with their eyes closed.

–Surabhi Saraf & Sebastian Alvarez

*The installation version of Oscillations is currently being exhibited @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts through Jan 13.

**Oscillations // LIVE (performance) will be held on Nov 2nd  2012 at the Screening Room, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. More info here.