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FOLD, 2010 FOLD, 2010 FOLD, 2010 FOLD, 2010

FOLD, 2010

Excerpts from video installation @ Root Division Gallery, San Francisco

*Headphones recommended

Fold is the second video in the series Video Choreographies. It is single channel audio visual installation composed of a gird of 96 small videos. Fold creates a multifaceted view of a single day’s solitary act of folding laundry; the mass repetition of small videos magnifies subtle nuances while blurring the whole ensemble into a swarm of activity. The elementariness of simple gestures of a seemingly mundane daily activity (such as those of pulling out a t-shirt from the laundry bag or putting hair behind the ear), gets morphed into a complex choreography when multiplied. Fold is an attempt to create layers of structures and overlaying patterns, patterns that are always evolving.

Screenings & Exhibitions:

Video Program, Belgrade Art Fair, Serbia
Visual Art in Movement, Visionaria20 International Film Festival, Sienna, Italy
Synchrony: Contemporary Video, Hunter Museum of American Art, Tennessee
Galerie Sophie Lanoe, Beirut Art Fair, Beirut, Lebenon

Video Installation, Currents 2011, The 2nd Annual Santa Fe International Media Festival, Santa Fe (June 10-19)
No Dialogue, ArtPadSF, San Francisco
Video Installation, The Athens Video Art Festival 2011, Athens, Greece
Competitive Shorts Program, The Disposable Film Festival, San Francisco
Say Something, Gallery E6, San Francisco
Emerging Video Artists, Big Screen Project, New York

Espacio Enter: art tech media, Canary Island, Spain
The International Streaming Festival, The Hague, Netherlands
7th Busan International Video Festival, Space Bandee, Busan, South Korea.
Introductions 2010, Root Division Gallery, San Francisco