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A+P+I Residency Exhibition Opens June 22nd 2016

Surabhi has been selected to participate in the Art + Process + Ideas(A+P+I) Residency Exhibition where she will be presenting new work along with fellow residents Carrie Hott and K.r.m Mooney.

Intensities, is a single channel video installation examines stillness as a way of being with our intensities, using them as a re-potentializing force. This work is a culmination of a six month residency through the A+P+I program at the Mills College Art Museum.

In addition to the video, Surabhi will be leading a workshop on Embodying Stillness, which also serves as the rehearsal for a performance on the opening night of the exhibition.

During the workshop participants will build a series of simple movements at an extremely slow pace, informed by their observations and reflections around the Mills College campus. The results will be choreographed into the final opening night performance. Some of the ideas we will be considering include ecologies of attention, stillness and action, and the iPhone.

Below is the schedule and more details:

WORKSHOP/REHEARSAL: Tuesday, June 21, 5:00–8:30pm

PRE-PERFORMANCE REHEARSAL: Wednesday, June 22, 4:00–6:00pm

PERFORMANCE: Wednesday, June 22, 7:00 pm


The Art + Process + Ideas Exhibition opens June 22nd from 6pm – 8pm
Dates: June 22nd – August 28th, 2016