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This live performance at Khoj, New Delhi, was an experiment of sorts in which compositions were created by recording, modulating, distorting and identifying rhythms and melodies out of the natural sounds of an aging fan. The intention is to create soundscapes through compositional re-structuring and amplification of sounds of objects around us, therefore hinting at the possibility of a subjective, surreal transformation of an everyday space.

The recorded tracks of the fan were mixed with amplified live sounds of the same from the installation space during the performance. The mono speakers played the live sounds whereas the stereo, the pre-composed ones. The space of the installation was defined by the position of the speakers, the volume levels and other effects such as channel pannings.  The idea being that the composition is absorbed and experienced as one moves around the premises: the audience is also an unaware but active participant in the whole set up. The experience of the person varies according to where he/she is positioned.

The cables,used to transmit the sounds forms another part of the installation. The cables connecting the speakers were arranged as drawings on the walls — visual web referring to the virtual sound web and leading to the “stage” of this performance: a room, where a video of sound waves were projected on to the fan, which is the generator of the whole installation. A closed loop of ideas.

Performed @ Khoj International Artist association as a part of the Peers’06 Residency

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