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Illuminen Cover


Illuminen EP encapsulates my sound design and live performance practice from last 5 years. My background in Indian Classical music, sound art and experimental electronic music forms the core this EP. Most of the tracks were conceptualized as live performances for voice and electronics, along with other field and studio recordings of sounds from my everyday life. From frequencies of electromechanical vintage fans to sounds of birds and fire, to grains being poured into different bowls, to pure electronic sine waves and pink noise. My goal was to weave a tapestry of sounds, layered, multiplied and fragmented, creating textures and immersive soundscapes that reflected my sensibilities.


Surabhi Saraf: Vintage fans, Field recordings, Vocals, Max for Live.
Sebastian Alvarez: Drones (Track V)

Mastered By Abhimanyu Maullick & Surabhi Saraf
All tracks are mixed by Surabhi Saraf in San Francisco