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Performance on 6th and 11th March.

February has been crazy busy and March will be the same. First the performance at CCRMA with Jakes and then the  planning for Aster’s new office. Now March is staring with two performances and I am really excited. The first one is on the 6th March at SOMArts as a part of an event called 100 Performances for the Hole and the second one is a talk and a short performance at Work of Women Artists organized by BArCMnT at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA) on the 11th. Check them out if in town.



Tunneling in Bologna (Images)

Just received some good images of our performance from the festival organizers.



TUNNELING in Bologna (Documentation)

A short excerpt  from our 30 min performance. The sound was recorded by the camera too and so its quite bad. But I will be uploading a short studio version of the track soon. Thanks to Luca for shooting this for us.



Chicago to Bologna

I started writing this post almost a week ago, but never finished it, and more and more details started to fade away from my experience. Anyway here I am finally back from my ten day trip to Chicago and Bologna. The trip started crazy and ended crazy with two performances before and after fews hours of my flights. It was fun and action packed. The performance and presentation of my work at Transistor went very well, less stressful then I thought :). But the three days in Chicago were totally crazy with practicing for Bologna, and that too almost after an year. Nadav and I tried to practice as much as we could during the day and evenings was booked for get together with friends, which was awesome. The night before we were suppose to leave Nate cooked us the most delicious four course dinner, it totally took all my tiredness away.

In Bologna, the Italians gave us the warmest welcome, with someone receiving us at the airport, a fancy hotel in the heart of the city and someone to help us find find the local materials, for constructing our different layers of the wall. It was the best thing happened to us, we felt so pampered. And like they say the stylish italians were stylish in everything they did, from the food that was served every night in the palace during the festival to the music that was playing while we ate. They had an impressive productions and technical team, who knew what they were doing, and genuinely wanted to help you. Everyone wore black only, not like a uniform, but well designed stylish jackets, coats and shoes, they were all so handsome!! And Man! these guys know their brands and designers, unlike many of the geeks I come across here in america. I was totally bowled over when saw some men talk about the top designers and their clothes lines etc like some americans would talk bout their favorite football players :). Later I found out that it was very common for general public to know bout the latest designs and fashion trends. I felt so fashionably challenged I din even know any of the designers they spoke about:(.

The venue Palazzo Re Enzo was gorgeous, it is literally the center of the city if you look it up in the map, surrounded by  Piazza Maggiore, which is one of the finest squares in all of Italy. We were performing in Mangrovia which is the second largest spaces in the palace after the live media floor. The space had  a crazy crazy reverb in it, and sounded great initially but after working their for sometime I realized that it actually just absorbed all the mid-highs and the highs of my sounds and so things sounded a bit muffled. But I still enjoyed working  there cos they had a great sound system with which I was able to fix some of the problems.

During our stay their I met some of the most fun people and made great friends with them, which was the best part of my experience in Bologna, such warm and nice people :). The festival started on the 21st and on the 1st day itself there were about 700 people in the audience, and was very very impressive since it was only going to grow in the next two days, with the last day being a Saturday, where there were close to a thousand people. The performances started pretty late every night at around 9pm and went on until 2 am. All performances there were experimental with most of them being very very loud, and I was just surprised to see how many people actually stayed throughout the festival. I really can’t imagine a concert of this scale and dynamics in San Francisco or even in New York, it was bloody craziness out there and I absolutely enjoyed it :)



NASSA @ Netmage10, Bologna, Italy

Its only a week before I leave for Chicago where Nadav Assor and I will be practicing for our performance at Netmage 10, Bologna. Tunneling is a live audio visual performance we did in 2008 at Links Hall in Chicago. The  audio visual narrative of the performance uses a metaphor of cutting through a wall and at that time since we were performing in Chicago, we wanted to make the wall Chicago specific, so we literally  followed all the different layers that go into that thick winter fighter Chicago wall (a typical Chicago wall can have upto 8 different layers).

In Bologna we are performing in a 12th Century palace, Palazzo Re Enzo located at the heart of the city, and is primarily made of huge stone bricks. Since the most interesting part of Tunneling in Chicago was going through exploring the many layers of the wall,  looks like cutting through this palace is going be very different. This time we are trying to incorporate some other interesting ideas and history associated with the palace and the city of Bologna, and thus this performance perhaps wont be as straight forward as the last one. We still don’t know what the exact layers and but I am sure this performance is going to be full of wonderful surprises. :)

Some details about the Festival:

The tenth edition of the Netmage festival (Bologna, 21,22,23 January 2010) will present, in the historical castle of Palazzo Re Enzo, an unpredictable scenario of contemporary audiovisual research featuring live media, live cinema, concerts, performances, sound and visual installations.

Netmage festival, focusing on multi−media design, electronic arts and cutting−edge style, works as a meeting point for video−makers, multi−media and visual artists, musicians and performers from Europe, North America and Asia. In its ongoing investigation, Netmage presents some of the latest trends in live media. Together with research on essential aspects of perception and the intersection of visual and acoustic phenomena, the festival introduces a very wide range of approaches.

Featuring: Rachida Ziani/Dewi de Vree (F/NL), Francesco Cavaliere/Marcel Türkowsky (I/D), Harappian Night Recordings (UK), The Hunter Gracchus (UK), Lee Hangjun/Hong Chulki (KR), My Cat Is An Alien (I), Ectoplasm Girls (S), The Magic State (S), Be Maledetto Now (I), Richard Lainhart (USA), Cluster (D), Canedicoda (I), Nassa (Nadav Assor/Surabhi Saraf) (USA), Andrê Gonçalves (P), Es (Fin), Margareth Kammerer/Andrea Belfi/Stefano Pilia/Daniela Cattivelli/Michaela Grill (I/D/A), Carlos Casas (E), Vincent Dupont (F), Nana April Jun (S), Aaron Dilloway (USA).

See hereunder the complete programme of Netmage 10 (including the following sections: Mangrovia, Live Media Floor, Elektrolab, Cemetery and Performing Arts).

Netmage festival was conceived and created by Xing, a cultural network operating in Italy and abroad, with the purpose of planning, supporting and promoting products and events characterized by an interdisciplinary approach toward the issues of contemporary culture.
Artistic direction: Daniele Gasparinetti, Andrea Lissoni. Performing Arts: Silvia Fanti. International Live−Media Floor: Lino Greco, Riccardo Benassi.

Netmage 10 is supported by: Regione Emilia−Romagna, Comune di Bologna, Ambasciata del Regno dei Paesi Bassi, Culturesfrance. Media partners: The Wire, Mousse, Edizioni Zero, Blow Up, Nero, Alias, Il Manifesto, Città del Capo−Radio Metropolitana, Radio Città Fujiko.

Netmage 10
venue: Palazzo Re Enzo − Piazza Nettuno Bologna − Italy
headquarters: Xing − Via Ca’ Selvatica 4/d Bologna − Italy
info: tel +39.051.331099
press: |



Performance and Talk @ Friday Night Live, Transistor Chicago, Jan 15th 2010

Talk/ Performance at Transistor Chicago on 15th Jan, 8 pm.
I will be giving a sneak preview of my new video called Fold the second in the series after Peel and will be performing a short excerpt form my performance in Italy. So drop by if you are in Chicago, its free!



My first MIDI controller KORG nanoKONTROL

Happy 2010!! This new year has brought lots of new things for me, new website, new blog, new mic stand and an awesome new Korg nanoKontrol midi controller :). This slick little piece of equipment  is great for people like me who are just beginning to expand the number of fingers they can use while performing live. I just received my controller today, and I couldn’t believe  how small and cute it was but I must say that it did not come with the best manual. The manual with nanoKontrol was quite useless, also it did not come with a mini usb cable as it promised on the box, but that was okie as I had tons of them lying around in my studio. I had used  a M-audio ozone in the past but that was long time ago and so it took me little while to figure out how to setup the korg nano with Ableton Live. And after reading a couple of blogs and  going through some youtube videos I have a simple 4 step setup instruction for mapping Korg NANOKONTROL with Abelton Live 7.

Step 1 Connect the Korg nanokontrol to your computer with the usb cable.

Step 2 Download the Konrol Editor software  and install it.

Step 3 Open Live – got to preferences – MIDI sync-  under MIDI Port  select the input  NANOKONTROL (slider/knob) and  turn remote ON

Step 4 In the Session view click on MIDI button on the top right hand corner, now all your knobs, sliders and buttons etc should get highlighted. Simply click on the fader/knob and then move the slider on the nanokontrol, it should show you  the number of the physical slider it is mapped to.

Some useful youtube videos I found-

Happy 2010 again!!